Anthony Filice

Anthony Filice

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First Name * Anthony
Last Name * Filice
Username * CGartistDaily
Country * United Kingdom
City Liverpool
Nationality Italian
Languages English





Anthony Filice was born in Italy’s Capital, Rome and was raised for more than half his life in Sydney, Australia.

After studying art and architecture, he graduated with honors in Architecture from the John Moores University Liverpool. He moved to Liverpool in 2002 after spending two years in London studying Interior Design at the University of the Arts. He has been living in the UK ever since

after working as an Architect for over a year and becoming frustrated with the lack of creating, Anthony wisely jumped ship to pursue a career in CG art. He started his trade as a 3D Architectural Visualization artist, a little over a year later he moved into to interactive entertainment, better known as the Video Games industry.

“I’ve been working for bizarre Creations ever since – I started as a junior artist and have since worked my way up to Art Director Associate, I’ve met so many different artists in my career – It’s amazing, some of these guys don’t realize how valuable they really are”
Anthony has always had a passion for people and listening to their goals and dreams – Anthony loves to take time to give fellow artist advice on how to maximize their potentials.

“I have met some incredible artists during my time and after close relationships with many I have discovered that the hardest thing for them to do is to gain exposure”

Anthony’s passion for CG and for people has inspired him to create (coming soon), Anthony passionate about providing the best internet site for CG artists, helping them gain exposure, and monetize their skills through social media.

CGartistDaily provides a gathering point for CG artists and enthusiasts alike by producing CG Competitions, artist mastermind groups and artist collaborations.

CGartistDaily publishes articles, artist interviews, product tutorials, hosts portfolios, job listings, and organizes social media meetings – AKA ‘tweetups’ all through twitter.